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THE creative factory in the Ruhr region

Full Service Medical Design Agency since 1990

Science Park
Munscheidstraße 14
45886 Gelsenkirchen

T +49 (0)209 702 642 00
F +49 (0)209 702 642 10

Science Park Gelsenkirchen

Our heart is in the right place

Gelsenkirchen is located in the heart of the Ruhr region. It is said that the openness and directness of the people here comes from the labourer past when coal was still mined and steel was boiled here. With about 5 million inhabitants, the greater Ruhr area is one of the most densely populated and economically strongest conurbations in Europe.

Not only is (mostly) top-class soccer played here, but you will also find the highest density of healthcare facilities, cultural institutions such as museums and theatres, and most importantly for us: a large number of first-class universities with a tradition in design and technology.

Thus, away from the metropolises, where no one would suspect an international design office, a down-to-earth design team has formed, with creative but not aloof types, with whom you can talk at eye level and work in a concentrated manner. You should give it a try!

Design office Gelsenkirchen
Design office Gelsenkirchen

Our specialty is Medical Design

... interdisciplinary product design for the healthcare sector. We know our way around the high complexity of designing medical devices with global validity (FDA, MDR, CFDA).

Off the mainstream: the best ideas...

In the south of Gelsenkirchen - a five-minute walk from the main train station - the Science Park lies like a UFO, landed in the multicultural rough-checked district of Ückendorf. The Science Park stands on the site of the former cast steel works. A relic from the old days still hangs in the WILDDESIGN office, the former factory clock.

We look forward to your visit to the next joint workshop with us.

Contact person WILDDESIGN

"Gelsenkirchen - in the heart of the Ruhr area and in the center of Europe. Head office and starting point for more than 30 years of enthusiasm, teamwork and innovation in design. Down-to-earth, reliable, helpful - like the people of this region."

Your contact person on the subject

Dennis Kulage

Head of Office Gelsenkirchen
+49 (0)209 702 642 00

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