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evrbit GmbH
Straße 56
50674 Cologne

CEO Axel Steinkuhle
T +49 221 34662091

"Always evolving" - with this philosophy, the technology company evrbit creates innovative products and services for digital transformation in the Rhine metropolis of Cologne . The team demonstrates the courage and passion to experiment and apply new technologies in a versatile way.

Even many years before its founding in 2015, the employees were actively involved in digital and artistic projects. Their diverse backgrounds sharpen their focus on holistic conception and customer-friendly implementation.

With its topics around Connected Experiences and Industry 4.0 solutions, the company strikes a chord with the times. As part of the larssoncreative group, evrbit brings its strength in digital solutions to the table. Together with milani design & consulting AG and WILDDESIGN group, new projects are created with a focus on people, health, digitalization and the environment.

Bringing the digital and analog worlds together

evrbit's central goal is to connect people in a variety of ways with the help of digital applications. For the Cologne-based company, digitality must be based on a positive, intuitive user experience. The company's own software framework not only enables the desired scalability and interactivity, but also a stable application that can be customized to customer requirements.

Technologies for Micromessaging, Digital Twinning, Education

The team of ten employees around founder Axel Steinkuhle is dedicated to cutting edge technologies, geolocation-based services, augmented reality and virtual reality. In the areas of micromessaging, digital twinning and education, evrbit is successfully looking to the future and focusing on the possibilities of digital networking.

"We love taking the first step. That's why we keep taking the plunge, for over 15 years." Visit us!

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Axel Steinkuhle

Co-Founder and CEO
+49 221 34662091


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