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We are

Medical technology and life sciences are in our blood! We love to unleash our creativity under these highly regulated framework conditions. In the service of healthcare professionals and for patients to have a better quality of life.

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Medical Design HUB Munich
Medical Technology
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Strength & courage,
to shape the future

Emotio and Ratio determine our everyday life. The brand WILDDESIGN is both: Impulsive and orderly, extroverted and introverted, opposites united:

WILD is our creative side and stands at the beginning of our design work.

DESIGN stands for our competence and the ability to get to the heart of things.

Professional design for medical technology

It's your ideas!
Which we make fit for the requirements of tomorrow - together with you!

Human Centered Design
By people - for people

Even in the age of AI, digital strategy and climate change:
Human Centered Design
By people - for people!

Design is all about people!

Design is made by people - and so are companies. Folkwang graduate Markus Wild started out in 1990 with the vision of a unique office for product design in the middle of the Ruhr region - where it is traditionally not so easy.

In the meantime, many things have changed rapidly, but the cohesion, partnership and close friendship of the various designer personalities have contributed decisively to the fact that WILDDESIGN today stands as it does.

Our team

From the Ruhr area - To the leading German medical design agency

Timeline of Wilddesign history
Location Magdeburg

Gelsenhai & Shangkirchen
Opposites not only attract,
but are good for creativity!

Gelsenkirchen, Magdeburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Shanghai

And that's just the beginning, because we love to operate close to the customer in familiar small teams. Flexible, with each other in a creative atmosphere. More offices will be built soon and so our professional family can continue to grow.

Our locations

6 x principles-guided design

Good design can usually be reduced to a handful of principles. For us, it is these six universally valid principles that determine and shape our creative work.



Everything we design is thought from the human or the user. We avoid unnecessary details and design for greater clarity and comprehensibility. For us, inspiration comes from the observation and study of use.

Lean Design

Lean Design

Through lean, cost-conscious design, we create durable and sustainable products and pay attention to resource and energy efficiency in the details.

Smart validation

Smart validation

Wherever possible, we build verifiable artifacts with the simplest means and test them as early as possible. We make development progress and decisions tangible in the best agile sense.



We achieve the greatest possible recognition and integration into the brand through principle-led design.



We base our design on good and surprising ideas that have the potential to be unique.



We try to simplify the growing complexity of our living environment for the user and make it as intuitive as possible to use. In doing so, we combine physical design and digital design to create a coherent overall experience.

Leadership & Future

This is how we grow into the next generation. Through our coordinating leadership and the local operating teams, each of which displays important technical characteristics, e.g. usability engineering, design for manufacturing, or digital design, and makes them available to our customers and to WILDDESIGN as a whole.

Markus Wild
Chief Executive Officer
Marc Ruta
Chief Technology Officer
Oliver Koszel, Chief Operating Officer
Oliver Koszel
Chief Operating Officer

Verantwortliche in Ihrer Nähe

Dennis Kulage, Head of Office Gelsenkirchen
Dennis Kulage
Head of Office Gelsenkirchen
Niclas Wagner, Head of Office Munich
Niclas Wagner
Head of Office Munich
Benjamin Götze
Head of Office Magdeburg
Frank Detering - Head of Office Stuttgart
Frank Detering
Head of Office Stuttgart
Quan Shan, Head of Office Shanghai
Quan Shan
Head of Office Shanghai
Sven Dörhage, Head of Office Magdeburg
Sven Dörhage
Business Development

Strong long-term partnerships with proven industry experts give us the ability to take on almost any challenge in the field of MedTech development. We rely on cooperation - because it's better!