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Löwenstein Medical

LEONI 4th ventilator for neonatology.

LEONI 4th ventilator for neonatology.

Newborns and especially premature babies are the smallest and most sensitive patients. Löwenstein Medical ventilators have been helping them cope with this difficult start in life for many years. Neonatal ventilation with LEONI 4 conveys safety and peace of mind to the little fighters and their parents, even in the clinical environment, thanks to its modern and clear design.

Neonatal ventilation


  • Ziel: Gestaltung eines Beatmungsgeräts für Neugeborene und Frühgeborene.
  • Fokus: Intuitive Bedienung, hohe Sicherheit, emotionale Unterstützung.
  • Verantwortlichkeiten bei WILDDESIGN:
    • Industrial Design
    • User Experience
    • User Interface und Illustrationen


  • Enge Kooperation mit Medizinern für praxisorientierte Entwicklungen.
  • Iterative Optimierung des Produktdesigns für bessere Zugänglichkeit und Übersicht.
  • Strukturierung des User Interfaces und Entwicklung einer einheitlichen Bedienlogik.
  • Erstellung kinderfreundlicher Illustrationen für den Screensaver.


  • LEONI 4: freundliches und beruhigendes Design.
  • Einfache und sichere Bedienung durch großes Display und intuitive Benutzerführung.
  • Lichtelemente für sichere Bedienung auch in dunkler Umgebung.
  • Positives Feedback von medizinischem Personal und Eltern, was eine verbesserte Nutzererfahrung bestätigt.

Human and less technical

The LEONI 4 is not only intended to be safe and intuitive to use, but also to make the situation easier for the parents of premature babies. A bright, friendly and reassuring design with soft shapes helps to reduce the emotional distance, takes away the technical character and reduces the associated discomfort of the parents. Visual and audible alarms can be controlled more gently.

Leoni 4 - friendly and reassuring product design

Patient safety and maximum operating convenience

In the new design of the LEONI 4, all patient-relevant connections are designed to be easily accessible. A clear overview and easy access to all patient-relevant connections on the front of the device minimizes operating errors and increases patient safety. Additional light elements on the front allow safe operation and control of the connections even in a darkened environment.

Leoni 4 - GUI Screensaver
Patient-relevant connections on the front of the device
Operation Leoni 4 GUI

A tidy interface with uniform operating logic

The redesign of the user interface gives the LEONI 4 a modern and friendly appearance. The dark user interface has become a bright and clearly structured interface. Existing physical operating functions have been seamlessly integrated into the touchscreen.

All functions such as alarms, ventilation, curves and measured values are clearly arranged in fixed areas and can be recorded and monitored by nursing staff and doctors at a glance thanks to the 15.6-inch display. The uniform operating logic, in which all values are set via a central scroll wheel, enables easy-to-understand and efficient control, both for the LEONI 4 and across devices in Löwenstein Medical's intensive care ventilation.

tidy interface with uniform operating logic

Lovely illustrations

In addition to the user interface, WILDDESIGN developed a child-friendly screensaver that creates a calming atmosphere for parents and their newborns. The lovingly illustrated and animated screensaver with animal and nature motifs automatically adjusts to the time of day and ensures a quiet parent-child time, both during the day and at night, with a simple press of a button.

child friendly screensaver

Safety first

To avoid accidentally changing the settings during cleaning and disinfection, the screen can be locked via a button. Additional safety is provided by a small display on the device that shows the most important ventilation parameters.

For more information on the LEONI 4, please visit the Löwenstein Medical homepage.

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

Industrial Design

  • Research & Analysis
  • Operating concept
  • Design concept
  • Model making
  • Design development

User Interface Design

  • Interaction concept
  • Navigation concept
  • Design concept
  • Visual Design
  • Illustrations
Testimonial image
Contact person WILDDESIGN

"The long-standing and trusting cooperation with our customer Löwenstein Medical once again resulted in a successful product. We are proud and happy about the successful product launch of the LEONI 4."

Your contact person for the project

Oliver Koszel

Chief Operating Officer

+49 209 702 642 00