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7-axis - not just a revolution in industrial automation.

7-axis - not just a revolution in industrial automation.

SIASUN is the leading Chinese brand for robot technology research, development and manufacturing, which was founded in 2000 in Shenyang, the center of China's heavy industry in northeast China, and has been the leading local supplier of industrial robots for many years. The cooperation between the WILDDESIGN Shanghai team led by Quan Shan and SIASUN started in 2015, when SIASUN expanded and established a new company in Shanghai, focusing on the application of robots for commercial purposes, such as the1st generation 7-axis robotic arm.

7-axis robot arm 1st generation

The first generation: flexibility meets design

The 1st generation 7-axis robotic arm was more than a product, it was a vision. The new product line revolutionized the interaction between man and machine, whether in the laboratory, education or retail. With more flexibility and finer control through 7 axes, the new product line was able to open up significantly more application possibilities for the company with friendlier human-machine interaction.

Sketches 7-axis robot arm
Sketches 7-axis robot arm

On the way to the SIASUN design language: refining the articulated arms

The WILDDESIGN Shanghai team focused on reducing the design weight and coined an iconic product identity. Looking ahead, the development of the 2nd generation began at the same time, forming the basis for future innovations.

Second and third generation 7-axis robot arm
2nd generation (left) / 3rd generation (right)
Dual Arm Robot

Three generations, unlimited possibilities

Within three years, three generations of 7-axis robotic arms and concepts for applications ranging from dual-arm robots to AGVs (Autonomous Ground Vehicles) with robotic arms were created. WILDDESIGN's contribution went beyond design and included the development of complex applications.

Robotics Exhibition
Robotics Exhibition
Robotics Exhibition
Robotics Exhibition

Concepts for the future: automation in all its facets

Also in innovative concepts with built-in robot technology, from drones to painting machines, solar panel cleaning machines to rail transport units - while working together on the main product line of multi-axis robotic arms, WILDDESIGN continuously helped SIASUN to broaden its horizons in automation.

Robot rail system

Sport and robotics: a new dimension

One particular application was robots for ping-pong training, ranging from large game robots to training machines for home use. The SIASUN ping-pong robot team founded a successful spin-off in 2020 with the new brand "Future Mind", which focused on further development in the field of sports applications, both for professional training and for home use.

Ping-Pong robot

Six years of intensive collaboration between WILDDESIGN and SIASUN have led to many successful new products and, in particular, to a consistent design language in automation technology. This pioneering work has opened the door to new market areas such as "Future Mind" and laid the foundations for a future in which robotics will be used across all branches of industry and areas of life.

Ping-Pong robot Pong bot
Testimonial image
Contact person WILDDESIGN

"SIASUN's pioneering spirit combined with our design expertise has led to new robotic solutions that are now being used in numerous industries. As head of the Shanghai team, it fills me with pride to stand alongside SIASUN and see how our products are revolutionizing the world of work and enriching the everyday lives of many people."

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