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PCR Point-of-Care Platform

PCR Point-of-Care Platform
IF Design Award 2021
Red Dot Design Award

Point-of-care (POC) testing has become increasingly important, not only to combat the global health threat posed by the new SARS-CoV-2, but also to address the challenges that multi-drug resistant bacteria pose to healthcare systems worldwide. Rapid testing solutions directly upon a patient's admission to a hospital have therefore become crucial to prevent or contain the spread of viral and bacterial pathogens. Freiburg-based start-up Spindiag GmbH is developing the Spindiag Rhonda POC rapid testing system for the detection of bacterial and viral pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2. The system enables high-risk patients to be tested within about 30 to 40 minutes and quarantined if necessary.

Highly professional rapid test instrument with an easy-to-use user interface
GUI - sample is analyzed

The design of the test system had to meet high usability requirements to allow easy integration into the clinical routine of a hospital. To meet this challenge, Spindiag was supported by WILDDESIGN, which not only developed the product and interface design, but also contributed to the company's brand and corporate design in a fruitful two-year collaboration.

Product Design

Our first step was to consider the optimal integration into the POC setting by also considering the optimal size of the test fixture. Technical optimizations, vertical alignment and a slightly curved housing design reduced the footprint and created a slim device.

In terms of usability, the goal was to develop a simple and ergonomic system with a self-explanatory user interface for ease of use. Discreet vents and the use of design elements from the consumer goods sector enabled us to develop the Spindiag Rhonda player as a highly professional test device with an easy-to-use interface.

User Interface

The touchscreen as an interaction concept for technical devices is becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, we developed the entire range of interface solutions for Spindiag in the form of digital prototypes. In this way, we were able to weigh and evaluate all interaction options against each other.

The preferred interaction concept consists of a status display and three separately positioned touch buttons. The design of this interface enables simple operation of the device - it is obvious to the user that he or she does not come into contact with multi-layered menus and setting options. This is a notable difference from the touchscreen and a strong advantage in the point-of-care context.

The detailed development of the interface was tested by our customer in close cooperation with external usability experts in numerous usability evaluations.

Spindiag Logo

Corporate Design

The market for intelligent POC testing equipment is developing rapidly. To establish Spindiag Rhonda and highlight its unique selling propositions, we worked together to create an advanced brand image. The logo design symbolizes the technology at the core of the start-up: Laboratory automation through rotation using centrifugal microfluidics. For the player design, the latest digital design trends were used to reflect Spindiag Rhonda's smart and digital approach. In addition, we were able to help shape the foundations of Spindiag's brand image, from cartridge packaging to instructions for use and web design, creating a cohesive Spindiag Rhonda brand identity.

Corporate design - website

"As a young, innovative medtech start-up, we were looking for an industrial designer experienced in the medical environment and found WILDDESIGN. Initially responsible only for the industrial design of the processing device, the Spindiag player, WILDDESIGN developed a profound understanding of Spindiag and thus a new corporate identity spanning all product components and company activities, expressing our intention, mission, vision and values as well as our appreciation towards our future customers. In the meantime, we have an uncomplicated, appreciative and inspiring cooperation with WILDDESIGN. Such partners are needed to jointly develop medical products of tomorrow. Medical products that are easy and safe to use by placing the user in the focus of development. The result: aesthetics and user experience that have been thought through down to the last detail and can even bring joy to the stressful daily routine in hospitals."

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Dr. Mark Keller
Chief Product Officer

Contact person WILDDESIGN

"Together with Spindiag, we were able to show what holistic design can create."

Your contact person for the project

Sebastian Wolf

Lead Designer | Head of Office Munich Digital