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Strategic design

Recognizing potential and turning visions into reality

Strategic design

Identify and realize important decisions in the company through design. Comprehensive integration of design in development processes creates groundbreaking visions that set the course for long-term corporate success at an early stage.

Design enables a holistic perspective and helps you ask the right questions to make strategic decisions and guide developments. New technologies have the potential to comprehensively improve medical applications and enhance the user experience with the brand. In addition, the issue of sustainability in medicine is becoming increasingly important. Together with you, we will find the right solutions for your future success.

Strategic design - services with focus

Focus innovation

Effectively and efficiently transform business goals into innovations.

We can be the agile component for your company that recognizes potential through new perspectives and creative processes and translates it into tangible visions. Not only user requirements play an important role, but also market requirements, regulations and trends. By taking a holistic view, our design approach can analyze and visualize complex interrelationships. This allows decisive findings to be communicated and evaluated at an early stage. In this way, we consistently drive your innovation processes and help you develop forward-looking solutions.

One of our methods: 360° Pic-up
Knowing at an early stage what is important. Simulate development processes and correctly assess potential. A holistic analysis helps to plan developments better before high costs arise.

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Focus Brand

Express the potential of your brand.

A clear and effective brand strategy is the key to your company's success. With a clear brand direction and a strong brand core, you create a unique identity that sets you apart from the competition. It promotes employee and customer identification with your brand and creates a distinctive experience that builds trust and fosters customer loyalty.

At the same time, the brand strategy provides a clear guiding principle for your internal communication. Seamless integration of this mission statement into development processes enables you to make future decisions in a targeted and successful manner. A consistent and memorable brand design expresses your identity and effectively communicates your values and messages to your target group. In this way, you can increase your brand awareness in the long term and create a recognizable image.

We work closely with you to develop and visually express your unique brand identity. We create your brand's mission statement and help you realize your full potential.

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Brand development

Focus portfolio

Consistent look and user experience across all your brand touchpoints.

Optimize your brand perception and increase the identification of employees and customers with your entire portfolio. With our holistic design approach, you increase the differentiation and independence of your products in the market environment and ensure a consistent operating philosophy that inspires users and guides them safely through your products.

The strategic analysis of your portfolio enables us to develop overarching design principles that guide internal development processes and create structure and clarity in your portfolio. Our team of experienced designers takes into account not only the aesthetics, but also the user needs and technical requirements of your portfolio. We bring these design principles together in a style guide and ensure a consistent brand portfolio in every design activity in the future.

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Focus Sustainability

Sustainable solutions in line with the needs of the healthcare industry.

Better health care and treatment remain the top priority in medicine. However, the impact this care has on our environment has long been neglected. The healthcare sector remains a large producer of single-use products and packaging. Reducing these disposable products and moving to a circular economy is urgently needed. Better reprocessing of medical instruments and more efficient use of materials can offer great added value in this regard.

Our partner agency Milani in Switzerland specializes in eco-design and circular economy. Their strategies and principles are marketable and can contribute to entrepreneurial success in the long term. Together with you, we develop sustainable solutions that meet the market needs of the healthcare industry.

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"Use design as a creative drive and sustainably strengthen your market position. Let's look forward together."

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