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SILVER PLANER: Organizing life in old age | Design Sprint 10


SILVER PLANER: Organizing life in old age | Design Sprint 10

SILVER PLANER: Leben organisieren im Alter

Aktuell gibt es allein in Deutschland mehr als zwei Millionen ältere Menschen, die alleinstehend ohne Familienmitglieder oder andere soziale Kontakte wohnen. Jeder Vierte von ihnen wird nur einmal im Monat besucht.

Diese aktuelle Situation wird sich in Zukunft durch die alternde Gesellschaft und die wachsende Globalisierung noch verschlimmern. Familienmitglieder arbeiten und leben durch die Folgen der Globalisierung häufig viele Kilometer entfernt in anderen Städten, Ländern oder sogar auf anderen Kontinenten. Dadurch entstand die Schlüsselidee, der „silver Generation“ (60 Jahre und älter) wieder zu mehr Lebensfreude und einer besseren Beziehung zu Familie und Freunden zu verhelfen.

Der SILVER PLANER wurde von der Produktdesign-Studentin Alicia Kastner-Pöhlmann im Jahr 2023 bei WILDDESIGN im Rahmen des Medical Design Sprint Programms entworfen. Ihr Fokus lag auf der Gestaltung eines kreativen Hilfsmittels, das bei der älteren Generation Einsamkeit und Isolation vorbeugt.


With the help of initial sketches, cardboard models and 3D-printed models, the first idea became tangible. At the same time, we tested the models with users to ensure that intuitive interaction with the final product was possible.


With the SILVER PLANER, the user can organize the life of an older person and communicate with other people. The result is the concept of an interactive planner and the associated app.

The SILVER PLANER is a portable device that the elderly person can use at home. The app functions as a supplementary means of communication for family and friends, as well as doctors and carers.


The SILVER PLANER looks like a book that is physically operated with buttons and sliders instead of a touch function. Almost everything is controlled via the main button. It protrudes from the first and second page and enables communication on different levels.

The first page is all about news: Reminders for appointments or tasks as well as messages and requests. The device shows notifications on the integrated display.

The first double page deals with what is happening in the older person's life. It shows information about upcoming appointments and tasks. Users have the option of editing the page.

The second double page focuses on needs. The older person can set their current mood and whether they want to receive calls or visitors or would prefer to be left alone. In addition, individual requests such as: "I need milk" can be selected and customized using the app.


The SILVER APP is a program for family members, friends, but also doctors and caregivers. It is a communication tool to stay in touch with the elderly person, but also with other app users, such as other relatives and friends.

The admin has a complete overview of all appointments and activities. This includes how the "Silver" is currently feeling, what he or she needs, etc. Users can send messages with videos or photos and also requests for a meeting to the older person.

One highlight is the function to customize the answers on the last page of the SILVER PLANNER. Other settings, such as the duration of the snooze, sounds and other options, can be adjusted in the settings.


With the SILVER SYSTEM, it is now possible to keep in regular contact with family members. In particular, Silvers with little or no knowledge of modern technologies are able to communicate regularly.

Thanks to the ability to easily send messages and other media to the older generation, there is more digital contact. This means that Silvers can be part of the family's life, even if they live several kilometers away. It's the little things in life, often just a short message or a picture can make their day. It gives them the feeling that they are loved and that someone cares about them.

On the other hand, the SILVER PLANER also provides more personal contact. Admin users can view the older person's appointments in the app. This makes it easier to plan visits. If there have been no tasks or appointments in the last few days - why not just visit grandma?

Relatives can also check the mood of the Silvers in the app. Maybe Grandpa isn't feeling well at the moment and would appreciate a call? Or maybe he hasn't slept well and just wants some peace and quiet. By displaying this information, the app helps to improve contact. Carers or friends can also use messages in the SILVER APP CHAT to help keep them informed about the older person's mood.

It's also a helpful tool for organizing a Silver's life. With the help of reminders, they don't forget anything - whether it's medicine or a coffee date with their grandson. Doctors can also send them upcoming appointments, medication schedules and guidelines.

The SILVER PLANER - the gentle way to increase the quality of life.

Danke für deinen Design Sprint, Alicia.

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