Corporate Design TCS System

Corporate Design TCS System

The success story of hyperthermia is almost 50 years old, that of Celsius42 and WILDDESIGN starts in 2005. The hyperthermia treatment system CELSIUS TCS is a creation of our partner Bytec Medizintechnik GmbH and we had the great pleasure to develop the product design of the system more than 12 years ago.

The new task of the WILDDESIGN team was now a holistic new visual appearance of the brand with a new message. The focus was on the development of a corporate design, the new website, a trade show presence and the holistic revision of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) including a GUI style guide.

The aim was to create a modern, coherent and, above all, recognizable brand that facilitates communication with patients and doctors. However, we wanted to convey emotions rather than focusing as much as before on the technical details of the product.

For the good cause

Fighting cancer requires great commitment at all levels - every single step is of utmost importance. Hyperthermia - the thermal treatment of tumor cells - is a major advance in this regard and will change and significantly improve the way we confront one of the deadliest killers today. The Celsius TCS System was developed in 2005 /2006 and is based on a simple but effective method of regulating body temperature to complement and enhance the therapeutic effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Since the 1970s, as the field of research developed, hyperthermia has been recognized as a useful complementary cancer treatment method.

The abbreviation TCS stands for "Tumor Cell Solution" and the employees of Celsius42 have a clear goal in mind: to defeat cancer together with the patients.

The principle

By applying heat and stimulating blood flow and oxygen supply to the tumor cells, cytotoxic agents can be absorbed more easily without negatively affecting the healthy tissue around the tumor. In addition, the heat stimulus makes the tumor cells more sensitive to radiation, thus supporting the mode of action of radiation therapy.

The distinct disadvantage of earlier hyperthermia systems was that heat was usually induced over entire beds, which were heated to 40 degrees. The increase in temperature of the entire body was stressful and uncomfortable for patients. The engineers behind the Celsius TCS found a way to solve this problem and developed a high-tech device that uses localized heat delivery. The two non-invasive electrodes raise the temperature exclusively in the tumor area.

Most importantly, the TCS system is in tune with the body's natural intelligence by increasing immune defenses, which can potentially hinder the further spread of cancer, but also lead to overall improved health.

Brand development
Celsius 42 Brochure
Cover Celsius 42 Brochure


Since we wanted to introduce the importance of the product to a large number of people working in the medical field, we developed a booth with promotional material. The entire stand and accompanying material followed the design and color scheme of the product.

The modernized and comfortably designed booth was set up at Medica 2018 and 2019 in Düsseldorf, among other events. In addition, we developed a RollUp display and a counter, all in line with the new corporate identity, which were used at conferences that did not allow for larger stands.

Medica booth

New Celsius42 website

The new website was developed for a new target group: for patients, who as sufferers are very intensively informed about the various methods of cancer treatment. Previously, the website was aimed exclusively at medical professionals and experts, and was accordingly less emotional. We wanted to create an open and clear website that presented the benefits of hyperthermia itself as well as the TCS. The entire web design uses the established orange-grey color scheme, which perfectly matches the visual identity of the product.

Celsius42 website

GUI style guide

When designing the appropriate GUI, we focused on making it as error-proof and understandable as possible. Our focus was on designing a meaningful icon set. Therefore, we adjusted all button sizes and icon sizes to fit perfectly when using the device. In addition, aesthetics and style were an essential part of our design process. The entire GUI style guide is based on the color scheme of the corporate identity we designed.

GUI style guide

Graphical User Interface

Our task was to modernize the previously keyboard- and mouse-driven GUI and control it via a touchscreen. After identifying the areas where the operation was not intuitive enough, we significantly improved the user experience. In the process, our team analyzed and reworked the workflow to work out the simplest operation.

The GUI supplied with the TCS is physically separate from the device. The system is centrally operated and contains software that stores data absolutely securely. Together with IT experts from Celsius42, we developed the user interface of the software to store all patient data in one place. This makes it much easier for doctors to make therapy decisions based on individual needs.

Graphical User Interface - Treatment Screen
Graphical User Interface - Session Data Screen
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