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Preclean endoscopes correctly - with Endoprime

Preclean endoscopes correctly - with Endoprime

For over 20 years, the Hammann company has been using the comprex process to clean fluid-carrying line systems - and is now transferring this technology to the medical sector with the comprex Medical division. WILDDESIGN has accompanied the journey from the idea to the prototype construction of Endoprime and has also provided new impulses. Thus, the design of a small detail has turned into a comprehensive consideration of the "big picture".

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The initial situation

The reprocessing of flexible endoscopes involves a number of hurdles. Pre-cleaning is required by law and is often performed manually by healthcare professionals. This costs a lot of time and effort. In addition, the manual process cannot be validated - mistakes are human. And this is where comprex Medical comes into play.

Endoscope pre-cleaning with comprex Endoprime

Looking beyond the horizon

A first functional prototype already existed when Hammann approached WILDDESIGN in mid-2020. Our initial task was to design an adapter for the endoscope connections. It quickly became clear that simply looking at a single detail was not enough. The first version of Endoprime can best be described as a simple metal box that represented all the main functions of the system. However, for optimal use by the customer, some adjustments were needed to optimize handling. As a newcomer to the medical industry, Hammann is also in direct competition with large companies that also offer processes for pre- and final cleaning of endoscopes. In close cooperation and consultation with the management of comprex Medical, a holistic approach has thus been created that meets the high demands placed on the device and puts previous market offerings in the shade.

This efficient and sustainable process offers a new standard of hygiene through validatable results, which is why the device design should also reflect the quality of the comprex process.

Illustration of the pre-cleaning
Endoscope connections
Endoscope pre-cleaning with comprex Endoprime

User Centricity
simple, fast and error-free

In contrast to Hammann's previous municipal offerings and operation by Hammann's specialist staff, Endoprime is operated independently by the user. The requirements for a user-friendly interface were therefore high, and simple integration into everyday hospital and practice routines was essential. Even though the Corona pandemic makes test phases in hospitals difficult, interviews and studies on usability and user experience could still take place. Together, these findings were evaluated and WILDDESIGN used this data to create a user-friendly and contemporary design prototype.

GUI - Connect Endoscope Screen

To be continued...

The close and very motivating cooperation between the development teams of WILDDESIGN and Hammann has not only resulted in an inspiring product, but also in a corporate design with a high identification and recognition value. We are pleased to be able to support comprex Medical comprehensively in all design areas on the way to the implementation of their idea. The next step for the Endoprime is the series transfer and market launch, which is to be realized with suitable partners. If you are interested in cooperation with comprex Medical, we will be happy to establish the necessary contacts.

"Our decision to think the comprex process out of the known areas of industrial and municipal cleaning of pipeline systems was exactly the right impulse at the right time - with the right partner that fits us exactly - WILDDESIGN. From an idea of the design of individual components of the pre-cleaning system, the comprex Medical brand and the Endoprime system were born. A solution for endoscopy cleaning that is forward-looking in all areas, formally coherent, appropriate for the user and technically feasible."

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Paulina Lämmer
Management Medical Devices

Contact person WILDDESIGN

"Inspired by product design, a comprehensive view of the "big picture" has developed step by step. This is how we define holism."

Your contact person for the project

Niclas Wagner

Head of Office Munich