Dynamic Biosensors

HeliX - Fully automated laboratory analysis system for high-precision investigation of biomolecules

HeliX - Fully automated laboratory analysis system for high-precision investigation of biomolecules

Versatile, robust, modular. The architecture of the new heliX® instrument combines different technical systems - from sample handling, temperature control and optical detection, to fully automated biochip handling. The challenge of this project was to design a user-friendly housing for these elements, some of which are highly complex.

User friendly housing design
User friendly housing design

"A highly complex technology needs a user-friendly design," says Dr. Frank Fischer of DYNAMIC BIOSENSORS. For several years, the biotech company has been a pioneer in the field of laboratory analysis. Now it has developed the heliX®, the technological advancement of the German Innovation Award winner and successful product DRX from 2015. This fully automated laboratory analysis system for the high-precision examination of biomolecules combines liquid handling, chip management and data acquisition for the company's groundbreaking switchSENSE® method. The technology finds its application particularly in the field of biopharmaceutical research and development, enabling researchers from industry and academia to analyze molecular interactions and biophysical parameters in real time.

Expressive and successful

Together with the in-house team of Dynamic Biosensors, our designers developed the final design concept from three presented design visions: a unique device front interspersed with a fractal pattern of light bands. Is such an expressive design a risk or rather a promising venture? Modularity and automated processes were the very conceptual approaches that led to the fleshed-out design. A courageous decision was made. Shortly after the launch, this decision proved to be on target, as the media response and the constantly growing interest of customers clearly demonstrate.

Light embodies dynamics

To create the perfect balance between individuality and ease of use, the static, minimalist form of the basic body was enlivened with a fractal pattern of LED lights. Light as a way to transport the inherent dynamism of the device, to the outside. We at WILDDESIGN also share with our clients the attention to detail. The lighting is by no means just decoration. The convincing LED structure on the front side and the front of the housing, which is divided into functional zones, provide the user with feedback on the respective process status.

Thoughtful design

The media loading of samples, microfluidic chips with sensors and the water containers are done via automatically controlled flaps integrated into the patterning of the front. The device also allows different measurement methods of protein size and adjustment.

The package is modular and can detect 96 samples in the smallest version and 1536 samples in the largest version. The fractal pattern had to be designed in such a way that it works for a single device as well as for bundles of up to four devices. In addition, these devices can also be connected globally to form a network.

Thanks to the very intensive cooperation of the development team of Dynamic Sensors and the Wilddesign network, a convincing realization of the LED luminous surface on the front was created, which was verified by numerous iterative approximations in model building.

HeliX - automated and expandable laboratory analysis system

Launch time

Every year again - another result of successful cooperation with Dynamic Biosensors. One year after the launch of the proFIRE®, the heliX® was presented at a product seminar in Munich. The feedback was overwhelming and first orders were received even before the start of production. Progressive, certainly demanding in production, but original and unique. We are very happy with Dynamic Biosensors that the courage for a disruptive design has generated such enthusiasm in the market.

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

  • Analysis phase
  • Design concept
  • Design development

Making a very good product even better was the approach and thus taking the DRX to a new level of innovation. Once again, Wilddesign inspired us with extraordinary design concepts. The uncomplicated cooperation, which had already been demonstrated during the development of the proFIRE® the year before, again proved to be extremely successful and goal-oriented. Short paths and uncomplicated coordination rounds were also very important influencing factors here for a fast, convincing result.

Together with WILDDESIGN, we succeeded in developing an automated and expandable system that also makes the processes inside the heliX® visible to the user. The fractal structure and the sequential lighting of the front, which reflects these inner processes, give the product a fresh, almost futuristic appearance that underlines the quality and uniqueness of the heliX®. Thus, WILDDESIGN provided us not only with a product design for today, but also for tomorrow.

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Dr. Frank Fischer
Head of Engineering / Dynamic Biosensors

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"Biotech with a difference. Sampling biomolecules in real time. A great team on both sides, cutting-edge lab technology, and a bold decision. This is how user-friendly design of complex technology works."

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