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Laboratory device for platelet examination

Laboratory device for platelet examination
Red Dot Design Award 2013

Case study about a rapid product development to prototype and series production using the example of the Thrombodynamic Analyser, a laboratory device for platelet analysis.

State-of-the-art laboratory instrument

The company HemaCore LLC has been working for years on an innovative measurement methodology in coagulation diagnostics, in which not only partial sections of the coagulation cascade are analyzed, but the entire process in its progression and balance. System developer velixX GmbH commissioned WILDDESIGN to create an attractive design for this novel technology that meets the requirements for usability, functionality and appearance of a modern laboratory device. The goal was a housing concept for the rapid transfer to series production and the delivery of 20 pre-series housings within a total project timeframe of six months.


Under the direction of system coordinator Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Augstein (velixX GmbH), all requirements for technical components, manufacturing processes, product architecture and mechanical details were developed in the initial analysis phase. Based on these requirements, the foundation for an attractive and inviting device design was laid in the design concept. With regard to selected manufacturing techniques, the housing was constructed in the design development phase and tested using prototypes. Finally, the implementation was coordinated in a 20-unit pilot series.

Design concept


The result is a contemporary, inviting device design in a reduced geometric form that places the innovative analysis process at the centre. The unobtrusive, functional design displays the current process status with an illuminated ring that is visible from afar and thus communicates directly with the user. The realization of the pre-series of 20 was realized quickly and unerringly with our external partner canto Ing. GmbH for the launch of the product.

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

  • Analysis phase
  • Design concept
  • Design development
  • Design prototype
  • Realization phase
  • Small batch production

"During the great cooperation with the WILDDESIGN team, we were impressed by the experience, flexibility and great commitment with which the designers developed their solutions. Starting with a completely new basic concept, they actually managed to realize the project safely in a very tight time frame. The technical level of the design was very high and was implemented in detail in the series. This allowed us to start production in the shortest possible time without any delays - and on the very first try. We are convinced that we finally have an innovative medical product with outstanding design and usability in our hands."

Testimonial image

Igor Pivovarov

HemaCore LLC, CEO

Contact person WILDDESIGN

"A great example of an ambitious startup project and of the perfect interaction of partners Velixx, Canto, Solectrix and WILDDESIGN with the HemaCore team."

Your contact person for the project

Markus Wild

Chief Executive Officer

+49 209 702 642 00