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Fighting colorectal cancer - with the world's first disposable endoscope

Fighting colorectal cancer - with the world's first disposable endoscope

Endoscopes are among the most efficient weapons in the fight against the widespread disease of colon cancer. On behalf of invendo medical from Kissing, a leading global developer and distributor of disposable endoscopes in gastroenterology, the WILDDESIGN team developed a design concept for a so far unique medical system.

Colonoscopy - chance or risk?

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common tumour diseases in the Western world - with an increasing tendency. Unlike many other types of cancer, however, colorectal cancer can be detected and treated at an early stage through preventive examinations. Colonoscopy is one of the most effective methods of detecting and combating colorectal cancer. Regular examinations can prevent this cancer almost completely, as polyps can be detected and removed during the colonoscopy. This is because colorectal cancer often begins with a polyp on the inner wall of the colon or rectum. And colon tumours can also be detected at an early stage when they are still curable. Regular screening, therefore, offers efficient protection against colorectal cancer on the one hand but also carries risks on the other.

invendo medical - charging station

Inadequate hygiene poses serious risk to patients

However, hygiene poses a particular challenge here. The reason for this is that all endoscopes with a working channel available on the market to date are reusable. Although they are cleaned elaborately and professionally after use, the complex design of reusable endoscopes poses a major problem.

Multi-resistant germs in particular pose a major challenge during reprocessing, as these can only be combated by means of sterilization. However, it is not feasible with endoscopes due to their sensitivity to heat. Evidence of the problem is provided by a study in the American Journal of Infection Control, which shows that even simple gastroscopes and colonoscopes are difficult to keep germ-free.

Product design sketches

Sterile disposable colonoscope avoids cross-contamination

In order to eliminate this risk for patients, Invendo has developed a so far unique system and commissioned WILDDESIGN to design and construct the corresponding housing: The invendoscope E200 features an endoscope or colonoscope designed for single use. It is supplied sterile so that each patient receives his or her own device and does not have to fear cross-contamination. Complex cleaning and disinfection processes for the endoscope are not required, as it is disposed of after use.

invendo medical - Cleaning Kit

Ergonomic design for fatigue-free work

In addition to a sterile colonoscope for single use, the invendoscope E200 also includes a reusable supply and control unit as well as a hand control. The invendo endoscope controller can either be clicked onto the single-use colonoscope or used separately. The goal in the design development process for these two components was to allow the user to work in a simple and relaxed manner. The development of the invendo endoscope controller, therefore, focused on ergonomic design and easy handling. To ensure that the endoscope controller is easily accessible during use and thus ready for use, WILDDESIGN developed a charging station into which three of these handpieces can be placed and directly removed from it. Both wall-mounted and usable as a table-top version, it combines two opposing requirements: easy accessibility of the individual endoscope controller and simultaneous protection by a translucent lid.

The biggest challenge for the E200 was for the designers to take into account the high demands on housing functionality in the design:

  • Maximum accessibility of internal components for maintenance purposes with full functionality: 4 of 6 housing surfaces can be opened or removed.
  • High stability: the heavy pumps inside must be supported by the housing structure. The total weight of the unit of approx. 40 kg must be able to be carried by means of the two handles on the removable side panels.
  • The separate power supply placed under the main unit must support the main unit.
  • Optimal cleanability through wipe disinfection.
  • A small number planned for the first 3 years.
Maximum sterility due to pure metal construction

Maximum sterility due to pure metal construction

This was made possible by a highly functional housing concept in pure metal construction, which was developed in cooperation with BVS Blechtechnik and could be implemented through their extraordinarily precise processing technology. In line with the invendo philosophy of maximum sterility, a germ-reducing powder coating was applied to the housing.

The design of the E200 is decisively characterized by its clear division into three areas: The upper part of the device with the actual function module and the power supply unit placed below it for the power supply organize the system on a horizontal level and ensure the functional separation of the electrically different system parts. The anthracite-coloured area, which stands out sharply from the main body on a vertical level, contains all user interfaces for the diagnostic process and thus represents the visual and functional centre of the system.

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

  • Device conception
  • Design Draft
  • Design development
  • Article construction
invendoscope E200: Ergonomic design for fatigue-free work

"Despite many technical challenges and a tight schedule, the WILDDESIGN team helped us to create a well-designed and ergonomic product that attracts attention and recognition in the market. The fact that our innovative endoscope also received the Frost & Sullivan Award makes us even more pleased and confirms our work."

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Dr. Markus Fieber

Chief Operations Officer at Invendo medical

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"We are proud to have contributed to this extraordinary innovation in design and function."

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