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Salvia / Löwenstein Medical

A holistic medical design experience

A holistic medical design experience

How do you renovate your brand, develop 11 different redesigns and a complete new development in a highly competitive market - and all that in less than 12 months? What sounds almost like a fairy tale, we were able to experience and live through with our client Salvia Medical in 2013. The team around project manager and industrial designer Oliver Koszel is proud to have achieved all goals and to have helped to bring a great company forward and onto the international stage. At Medica 2013, SALVIA rose like Phoenix from the ashes. In the meantime, a few years have passed and what started so dynamically has been pursued at full speed.

Intensive care ventilators elisa 800

Completely dusted off - the new Salvia brand identity

The new brand Salvia Medical

With the Elisa 800 project already well underway, Salvia's new management also asked us for holistic advice and support in renewing the brand. Our branding team gratefully accepted the challenge of transforming an inconsistent and unimpressive OEM manufacturer into a premium brand in medical technology.

Salvia brand presence

Logo, color concept and more

The Salvia logo with a new, striking colour concept that perfectly translates the desired claim "Breathing like nature" originates from this phase of the collaboration. The brand design was consistently reproduced in the CI manual and transferred to all printed matter and brand carriers in a very short time, including new brochures and the new trade fair stand that we designed for Medica 2013. The new brand design can be seen very nicely in the small image film on the Salvia homepage.

Salvia booth Medica 2013

Roll out to all products and marketing materials

Salvia's management doesn't believe in half-measures, so they asked us to adapt the entire product portfolio to the new brand identity in parallel. This included not only the colour concept and the graphic design of the front covers but also the presentation in the product flyers and on the web. At times, we worked on the Salvia projects with the entire team in Gelsenkirchen.

The new Salviawebsite

On the basis of the review in the Internet Archive (old website | new website) you can perhaps see most clearly the progress Salvia has made in such a short time. The new website is not only implemented in a modern way in line with the brand, but also contains practice-oriented information in a clear arrangement and creative graphic design. Extensions to the website, such as the new Facebook page or the specialist information page "breathing like nature", are being continuously worked on and maintained.

The new Mode Finder App

And Salvia doesn't stop at modern media either. We were able to package the professional know-how of the Salvia ventilation experts into a helpful little Android app. The aim here is to have a practical reference work at hand for daily work that guides you through the jungle of different terms in intensive care consulting. Uncertain or wrong decisions can thus be avoided.

Fashion Finder App

What was the WILDDESIGN part?

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Naming
  • Brand development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Color and image world
  • Corporate Communications
  • Posters, posters
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Web design
  • App design


The 7-minute film shows the exemplary cooperation between SALVIA medical and WILDDESIGN with an impressive result: from the vision to a product that has meanwhile won several awards to the rejuvenated corporate brand.

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Contact person WILDDESIGN

"Excellent engineering put into form through design. It takes decisive leadership and the right design team."

Your contact person for the project

Oliver Koszel

Chief Operating Officer

+49 209 702 642 00