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Pain relief without medication

Pain relief without medication

At first glance, microinvasive interventions or neuromodulation procedures are not a novelty and are used for pain relief. A team from the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology is thinking the application further: they are developing a wearable stimulator for minimally invasive stimulation of the vagus nerve in the ear. From a foundation of results from years of research and practice, the startup SzeleSTIM is born. After the market launch of their product VIVO, it becomes AURIMOD in 2022.

Brand and product identity

Initial situation

A working prototype for the pain therapy system VIVO already existed when WILDDESIGN entered the project. The task was to optimize the visual appearance as well as the usability. Important was already the view into the future: The design of the hardware should become competitive and reflect the quality of the product. In addition, we provided support in the area of branding/brand development and a cost-sensitive transfer to series production.

The principle of auricular vagus nerve stimulation (aVNS).

Pain relief without medication - this is what auricular vagus nerve stimulation promises. Side effects caused by medication are completely eliminated and the application is still very simple. Minimally invasive, the doctor attaches three small needle electrodes in the pinna of the ear. The electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve provides stimuli that stimulate the body's own mechanisms in the brain to relieve chronic pain such as low back pain or migraines. This minimally invasive treatment combats pain in the long term and has been proven to provide lasting therapeutic effects.


Usability and a self-contained corporate identity were the main focus. The brand and product identity was developed in several workshops, the results of which were used as the basis for WILDDESIGN's design concepts.  

VIVO stimulator - application illustration

Insight into the process

In a first step, we checked the existing functional prototype for usability. On this basis, design concepts were developed. The focus was on the appropriate material and the shape of the device for attachment to the ear. Cost-effective feasibility also had to be ensured. The details were then worked out in close cooperation with the AURIMOD team.

At the same time, the brand and product identity was elaborated. The hardware must reflect VIVO's identity, as it is the user's primary point of contact. This happened in workshops and through intensive market research, among other things.

In consultation with the AURIMOD team, we sharpened and realized a vision that defined the appearance and product language. Using mood boards and keywords, the product identity became tangible.

Product design visions


The final product design lives up to the brand identity: the quality of the treatment and the benefits of the product are reflected in the design of the hardware. Usability analysis has resulted in an easy-to-use product for professional users. The VIVO stimulator resembles a hearing aid that is placed behind the ear. Simple workflow graphics illustrate the application in several steps on the inside of the packaging, making it easy to attach the electrodes as well as the stimulator. Stimulation intensity can be easily adjusted with a pen on the device, which is marked with a plus and minus side. The simulator can remain on the ear for up to seven days and does not restrict the patient due to its design that is suitable for everyday use.

Various awards prove that AURIMOD and VIVO are perceived in the market and that the overall picture of drug-free pain therapy is convincing. WILDDESIGN congratulates among others to the ghp International Life Sciences Award 2022!

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"The quality of the treatment and the utility of the product are evident in the design of the hardware."

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